Lonestar Vengeance
Quest Statistics
Start Day 450mk; Year 233mk
End Day 450.5mk; Year 234k
Leader Gerran Iceshard
Reason Mistreated and banished ebony skinned Venetians
Location Head Venetian Court (Gerran signed), Venetian Core (banished)
Quest progression
Previous Next
Gerran Iceshard Gerran Iceshard: Treaty of the North

The Lonestar Vengeance Edit

The Lonestar Vengeance was a specific peacfull quest lead by Gerran Iceshard, Delani Ashflower's father. He led peaceful protests and worked his way almost through a venetian year to free the banished ebony skinned venetians. After protesting he came to going through politics and became a big deal. So after he became president of Southern Venus, he signed and demanded the working men to unplug the hole, and treat the ebony to shelter, food, and health care.

After the ebony were treated with health and care, they became free into the world, and Venus became a utopian society, until the North declared war on the south for freeing the banished. After this, Iceshard began yet another quest to yet free the banished ebonies again from dishonoring of their skin color.

Enemies of "The Lonestar Vengeance" Edit

The enemies or the people who wrote against or fought against this quest were a small civilization of the south and southeastern gerrat communities, plus the north. In a specific way led against, meaning physical fighting, Kin Allflame and Hallath Fireblade rose against the stand of the Lonestar Vengeance by shooting down protesters. Yet, most of the protestors live to this day. The general of the north was actually completely in disagreement with Iceshard's plan, and shot atmospheric missiles down towards the south. Yet, as being a new general, he did not know that Venus rotated east to west instead of west to east, so the missiles retracted to the southern eastern areas where their allies were. At this point in time, Gerran became 'President of the Southern Provinces'.