Species Lunarican
Origin Earthen Moon
Primary Language Lunic/Lunaric
Inspiration Earthen Species
Possible Skin Color(s) Light and dark grey
Possible Feature(s) Short horns, rocky-textured scales, large wings, light build
Known Person(s) Tric Abisadif (Scientist), Smoul Hadsadod (constructor and pilot)

Lunarican BackgroundEdit

Lunaricans are similar in shape to the Earthen Species, but Lunaricans are evolved to fit their environment, the Earthen Moon. They are smaller and have a lighter build, which allows them to move quickly in the low gravity. They have large wings, but the lack of atmosphere means they cannot fly. Their large wings allow them to glide across craters or off of cliffs. Lunaricans have four short, thick legs perfect for moving on the rocky terrain. A Lunarican's scales vary from light to dark grey, and their scales help them camouflage very well. The scales have a rough, rocky texture that also help them camouflage.

Lunaricans are primitive because they are independent creatures. Lunaricans live alone, always traveling and never living in a designated home or territory. The only exception is when two Lunaricans (male and female) meet each other. When a mother has an egg, it is left in a cave where it stays until it hatches. Then, the baby raises itself.

Lunaricans eat small, subterranean creatures they find while wandering the Earthen Moon. Lunaricans dig up rocks to find their food. The creatures include lizard-like animals and rodent-like animals. If a Lunarican is desperate to find food, it will eat tiny, bitter sprouts of plants.

Known Members of SpeciesEdit

Tric Abisadif is one of the only known Lunaricans, because they are so independent. She was a scientist, and her work is famous. She made several theories about space, time, and space travel. She invented a new type of space craft that made traveling faster and more conservative of energy. Tric's helper, Smoul Hadsadod, helped Tric build the first version of the space craft. Smoul also volunteered to be the pilot of the first test flight, but it crashed and he died. Smoul and Tric did not win Lunarican awards, but Tric Abisadif won the Invention of the Earthen Year award, and a group of Earthens made a monument for Smoul Hadsadod celebrating his brave flight.