Species Starran (Of the Star)
Origin Star (Sun)
Primary Language Starran
Inspiration The Sun and Dragon
Possible Skin Color(s) Bright Yellow, Amber, Gold, Orange, Flame Mix
Possible Feature(s) Horns, Fallback Scales, Claws, Belly Scales, Large Fangs
Known Person(s) Galia Fugsion (High Council), Navali Pelé Latorí (Astronomer)

Starran Background Edit

The Starran are a bright and fire like species that originated from evolution, for solar flare dragon like creatures on the sun. They have dragonlikee features and have no wings. Some of them have deformities that cause them to have larger horns, discolored fallback scales, etc. They are mainly known for there fierce looking appearance yet intellectuality within space and time. These creatures can speak most languages involving the solar system within them. The languages they mostly speak are Mercurial, Coret Venetian, Gallo Venetian, All Earthen Languages, Southern Martial, Northern Martial, Central and West Floorum Martial, Jupitan, Uranian, and Plutonian.

Known Member(s) of Species Edit

The single most popular known member of their species is Galia Fugsion of Northern Star. She has single handedly stopped the civil war between the North and Central Star. She speaks all languages that most Starrans are taught in school as listed in the Starran Background section of this page. She is of the High Council within the top five of 12 in leading the System's problems and wars. She has was 3 Nobel Peace Prizes of Earth, 20 Utopian Defining Prizes of Jupiter and Venus, and a single Weary Stopping Prize of the Star Internation.

The second known member of the Starran species is known as Navali Pelé Latorí of Petre Gon Lukka of Star. He is a famous astronomer that passed away a long time ago. He was the man who found planets beyond Mercury and won 3 Scientific Discovery Prizes of both Star and Mercury. As passed over 3 centuries ago (2014), his work is still noticed today.