Species Venetian
Origin Venus
Primary Language Venetian
Inspiration Lava–ish Dragon
Possible Skin Color(s) Reddish-Orange, Orange, Red, Ebony w/ red spots of shine
Possible Feature(s) Horns, Long–––er tails, Shorter arms
Known Person(s) Delani Ashflower (High Council & Peace Trader)

Venetian Background Edit

Venetians are an intelligent species but are mostly bipolar and have barbaric moments. Most Venetians are warriors and or candors of usual subject in a school (venetian, mathematics, scientific acquisitions, art, philosophy, venetian history, etc.). Most Venetians are believed to evolve from more dragon like creatures, like the Meteoritians, Starrans, Saturanians, Uranians, etc. Venetians are also believed to be the arch nemesis of the Cometians species, but yet, no such smidge of war has begun in at least 2 centuries between the two "feuding" species. This species could also have many much less deformities than the average species. Venetians may be able to just shorter arms, longer tails, or thicker horns. In ancient times of the Venetians, the ebony colored persons used to be banished into the inner core of venus. But yet, that was when they crawled and did not have a very complex language as of today.

Known Members of Species Edit

Delani Ashflower is the only known important yet responsible Venetian of the times. After all, she was the one who founded space travel and delivery trading with Mercury through the aftermath of their war in 2342. Her father actually freed the ebony colored Venetians from the core 2 months before she was born. Delani Ashflower is yet mainly known for her 1/12 part in the High Council. She has had no winning awards, yet, but has been noinatedd over a plethora of times.